The National Syndemic Diseases Control Council (NSDCC) is a State Corporation established under Section 3 of the State Corporations Act, Cap 446, through the National AIDS Control Council Order, 1999 as amended by legal notice number 143 of 2022. The Council is mandated to lead and coordinate multi- sectoral partnerships in HIV response and other syndemic diseases.

The Mandate of the National Syndemic Diseases Control Council

  1. Developing policies and guidelines relevant to the prevention and control of syndemic diseases
  2. Mobilizing resources for syndemic diseases control and prevention and provide grants to implementing agencies
  3. Coordinating, supervising, and ensuring accountability for the implementation of syndemic diseases programmes in the country
  4. Collaborating with local and international agencies which work in syndemic diseases control
  5. Facilitating the setting up of multi-sectoral and inter-sectoral syndemic diseases control programmes
  6. Mobilizing Government Ministries, Counties and institutions, Non-Governmental organizations, community-based organizations, research bodies, the private sector and universities to participate in syndemic diseases control and prevention
  7. Developing strategies to deal with all aspects of the syndemic diseases
  8. Developing national management information systems for syndemic diseases control
  9. Identifying sector training needs and devising appropriate manpower development strategies
  10. Developing appropriate mechanisms for research, surveillance, monitoring and evaluation of syndemic diseases programmes
  11. Taking a leadership role in advocacy and public relations for the prevention and control of syndemic diseases.


To be a global leader in the provision of people-centred solutions to end epidemics.


To lead a people-centred and evidence-driven response to end new HIV infections, AIDS and related epidemics in Kenya.


The entity’s day-to-day management is under the following key organs:

NSDCC Board of Directors

NSDCC Secretariat