To reduce AIDS-related deaths and improve health outcomes Kenya HIV programme provides comprehensive treatment and care interventions for improved health outcomes among people living with HIV. Evidently, data shows significant improvement in viral suppression rates and reduction in mortality rates over the years. Estimates models demonstrate the scale-up of ART treatment initiated scale since 2004, has averted over 733,600 AIDS-related deaths by the end of 2019. With the adoption of the universal test and start policy, retention on ART at 12 months has declined from 92.4% in 2013 to 83% in 2019. To sustain the gains and accelerate progress, KASF II will strengthen the treatment programme by focusing on early HIV diagnosis, screening and management of co-morbidities including cervical cancers, TBHIV co-infection, Non-communicable diseases and severe malnutrition. Mental health and psycho-social interventions for people living with HIV. The programme will strengthen treatment preparation and adherence support to improve health and holistic wellness.