KASF Areas of Focus

KASF Areas of Focus2021-10-21T13:43:29+03:00

Universal Access to HIV and STIs Prevention Services

To maximise the impact of the HIV and sexually transmitted infections prevention interventions in Kenya, the HIV Prevention Revolution Roadmap 2030 recommends the need for a focused approach in HIV prevention. It calls out for efforts to maximise efficiencies [...]

Fast track attainment of treatment targets

To reduce AIDS-related deaths and improve health outcomes Kenya HIV programme provides comprehensive treatment and care interventions for improved health outcomes among people living with HIV. Evidently, data shows significant improvement in viral suppression rates and reduction in mortality [...]

Advance the protection of human rights

To protect human rights and eliminate all forms of violence and HIV related stigma and discrimination against people living with HIV, key and priority populations a multi-sectoral response that seeks lasting solutions will be critical for HIV response to remain [...]

Invest in resilient health systems

Robust and resilient health systems are essential for effective response to HIV and other health outcomes. These systems are affected by aspects such as supply chain management and pharmacovigilance; Laboratory management and technology; Human resource for health; Service quality improvements; [...]

Leverage on community-led responses

KASF II calls out for the need to implement community-led innovations and differentiated approaches to improve access to HIV and other health services. Community engagement is key to the design, plan, and implementation of HIV and other health programmes. Their [...]

Translate strategic information to inform programming

To increase access to, and utilisation of, location and population granulated strategic information for evidence-informed HIV programming, KASF II proposes the need to strengthen the utilisation of strategic information, research, and innovation to address emerging challenges which are key to [...]

Invest in long-term HIV financing solutions

The country’s domestic resource envelope increased from 13% in 2013 to 32% in 2020 against a target of 50% for the same period. Therefore, KASF II recommends the need to develop and implement a resource mobilization strategy towards securing longer-term [...]

Promote Leadership, Communication and Advocacy

To ensure multi-sector HIV programme stewardship, ownership, optimal coordination, communication and advocacy are strengthened at the national and county level, coordination of KASF II is aligned to the globally agreed “Three One's Principle” of one agreed HIV and AIDS Action [...]

Integrate HIV in humanitarian and emergency responses

The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic is likely to have far-reaching social and economic impacts in Kenya that are likely to manifest along, poverty, health systems, and gender aspects such as inequalities around the burden of care during and post-emergency [...]

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