The Kenya AIDS Strategic Framework (KASF II) (2020/2021 – 2024/2025) provide the strategic directions that will lead to accerelated progress towards a Kenya free of HIV infections, stigma and AIDS related deaths.

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The second Kenya AIDS Strategic Framework (KASF II) is the key policy document guiding the HIV response in the country being implemented over 5 years between 2020/21 to 2024/25. Unlike the previous Framework, the KASF II is evidence-based and has a better strategic presentation for ease of implementation. KASF II has the following five objectives:

  • Reduce new HIV infections by 75%
  • Reduce AIDS-related mortality by 50%
  • Micro-eliminate viral hepatitis and reduce the incidence of sexually transmitted infections
  • Reduce HIV related stigma and discrimination to less than 25%
  • Increase domestic financing of the HIV response to 50%

These objectives lead to impact-level results. Further, KASF II has the following additional key areas which were the missed opportunities in the previous framework; STIs as a focus area under the prevention thematic area, Community-led programs, and integration of HIV in humanitarian and emergencies as per the thematic areas. The targets for the KASF II have been informed by the county plans with a well-linked result framework to facilitate the monitoring and evaluation process during the implementation period.