Media plays a crucial role in shaping positive health outcomes, contributing significantly to Kenya’s success in combating HIV and AIDS. Strategic and continuous media engagement has driven structured conversations on these critical issues. Interactive forums, featuring diverse panels of experts, are moderated to address audience questions. This comprehensive approach aims to maximize outreach, fostering ongoing discussions on HIV prevention, and treatment, as well as addressing issues like sexual and gender-based violence,  teen pregnancies, and COVID-19.

Follow these conversations through below links.

World AIDS Day 2022

Governor Lusaka: Poverty, gender-based violence the greatest contributors to spread of HIV/AIDS – YouTube

| JKLive | Kenya’s HIV Burden [Part 1] – YouTube

| JKLive | Kenya’s HIV Burden [Part 2] – YouTube

| JKLive | Kenya’s HIV Burden [Part 3] – YouTube

Dandora Triple Threat in-studio interview links-

Monday Report | HIV infections among adolescents – YouTube

Monday Report | Sexual & Gender-based Violence – YouTube

Ahmed Said: You are HIV positive until you test negative – YouTube

Maisha Conference townhall 2023

| MONDAY TOWNHALL | Alarm over rise in HIV in new counties – YouTube

| MONDAY TOWNHALL | Gains and challenges in fighting HIV/AIDS pandemic – YouTube

| MONDAY TOWNHALL | HIV/AIDS and Drugs – YouTube

International Condom Day 2023

Kericho Triple Threat in-studio interview

Siaya Triple Threat Ramogi TV (Luo Interview)

Ramogi TV Siaya County Townhall on the Achievement of below 5% MTCT 

SHIF Townhall JKLive with Nakhumicha S. Wafula, EGH Cabinet Secretary for Health

Townhall on SHIF: Fixing Health Coverage