Approximately 1.5 million People are living with HIV in Kenya in KAIS 2017.Despite the recent progress made in the response to the epidemic in Kenya, HIV related stigma, discrimination, and human rights violations remain a challenge. To address this challenge, Kenya adopted the HIV and AIDS Prevention and Control Act (HAPCA) in 2006. through which the HIV and AIDS Tribunal (HAT) was established. The HAT is mandated to facilitate justice for individuals facing stigma and discrimination and other human rights violation based on their HIV status.


The NACC in collaboration with the HAT, through the Global fund, established 4 teleconferencing facilities to increase access to justice for those unable to access the HAT facility in Nairobi. These facilities are in Mombasa, Kisumu, Nyeri and Meru Counties. All facilities are located within the County Commissioners’ buildings where NACC offices are premised.


The teleconferencing facilities are avenues for launching complaints, attending virtual hearing sessions and determination of cases for those whose rights have been violated based on their HIV status.