By Lynne Sereya

Collaborative Effort Yields Recommendations for Revised HIV Implementation Strategies at National and County Levels


Kenya successfully concluded a month-long county-led mid-term review of the Kenya AIDS Strategic Framework II and County AIDS Implementation Plans (CAIPS). The review, which engaged diverse cross-cultural stakeholders, including government agencies, healthcare providers, implementing and donor partners, and community organizations, aims to enhance the effectiveness of HIV prevention, treatment, and support programs nationwide.


Throughout the past month, representatives from all counties actively participated in the review process, contributing their invaluable insights and experiences in the HIV response. The collaborative effort sought to evaluate the progress in implementing the existing strategies, identify challenges, and devise innovative solutions.



The comprehensive review process included the following:

  • Analyzing existing data.
  • Consultations with key stakeholders.
  • Formulating recommendations to strengthen the existing HIV implementation plans.

Upon the conclusion of the review process, the recommendations and findings from all counties will be compiled and analyzed. This comprehensive analysis will serve as the foundation for the revised HIV implementation plans at national and county levels.